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We're about to go swimming. One should respect his teachers. I will get up early tomorrow. I am fortunate enough to have access to an excellent library.

I was blinded by the light. She took part in the contest. Pat stripped off his clothes and dived in. I did have fun. They looked around. I like mahjong. That's not fair and you know it.

Is it necessary to make so much noise? It looks like you've already been replaced.

I always speak French with her. Bill took his little brother to the zoo. Will you lend me your pencil? He was in the habit of taking a walk before breakfast every morning. I managed to overcome the difficulty.

Many a story has been told about him. Did you talk to them on Monday? Spend some time with me. Progress in science was often barred by convention. It'll cost me my job.

Siping was born three days before Christmas of 2013. Hsi hid behind the tree. How do you say "thanks" in French? I'd like to give it to Charley.

I don't get enough challenge in this job. I hope to retire from work when I'm 60 years old. I'm sick and tired of it. We crossed the river by boat.

Izchak is a very nice guy. Do you travel often? This isn't the first time that Cris has spent a couple of weeks in a hospital. A man is as many times as much so as the number of languages he has learned. Tatoeba was down yesterday.

Let's pick flowers from the garden. How long has Thad been working for you? Marie was ill. Be sure and remember to write a letter. How about a drink after the game? My neck hurts. I think it's time for me to call it a day. Watch over me, I will watch over you.

Let me carry your bag. That sight was seen, and I felt fear. We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they are called dreams. Sweden and Argentina got mixed up. There are wavelengths of light that the human eye cannot perceive. I am happiest when I sleep. Cow's milk is tastier than soy milk. I know how to do my job.

Let's go out and get something to eat. You were kind to help me. An old woman limped along the street. The majority of voters liked what Roosevelt said. Burn the body. Curtis was sitting alone in his apartment. Have you learned the poem by heart?

He's misunderstood because of his vulgar language.

Did you hear the alarm signal? The market is large. Willie never spoke about that. I don't see anything wrong with it. You're making Agatha uncomfortable. He's a farm worker. I lost sight of her.

What exactly is Russ planning to do? I don't know the answer to that. If you had not eaten so much, you would not be so sleepy now. I want to find out where it came from. I have never known someone as hypocritical as you. You feel you've been treated unfairly? Did you read the sign correctly? It's really different from what I expected.

She has gone to America. We've got a situation. You need to come to terms with your jealousy of this young man. Tolerant and Tuna remained friends.

She's one tough cookie. Why would anyone want to kill Kimmo? What have you done to them? As they're not there this weekend, they gave me the keys of their apartment. A planet is not a star, because it is not massive enough that nuclear fusion can happen in its core.