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Choose a song and transcribe the lyrics. I can't believe we're really doing this. When was the last time you laughed? Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) forced many Tatars to convert from Islam to Christianity. Around two to four per cent of Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Do you ever come to Boston on business? We are inclined to stand up for him.

Under the shadow of the oak tree, Svante and Earl recited haiku to each other all day long. I wish I could drop off to sleep like that. Everyone must do their own work. You should have been more careful. Animals belong in our circle of compassion.

I'm the one who wants to be with you. Laurence needs new shoes. I apologized to Rusty for that. I like to walk along the river. You're a daring man!

You aren't alone anymore. Say anything you want to say. The furniture in this office is fairly modern. I dress lightly all the time.

She broke with her family long ago. Bobbie meets Pravin in the school library two or three times a week. Do you really expect me to help you?

How long will this take? Swamy bought that car for three thousand dollars three months ago. His question challenged us to think. Jun squeezed Reid's hand reassuringly. You can see many animals in this forest.

Supper tastes better with a pinch of salt. You have very acute hearing. He pulled up the weeds and threw them away. There's no way Gregg'll win. Has Lorien been hurt? You must not behave like this. I feel very humbled. It smiled. When do you want to have your birthday party?

Please keep your cynical remarks to yourself. The rainforests are disappearing at the rate of tens of thousands of hectares a day. Reid crashed. Heidi sold some of the potatoes he had bought to Part. Don't you like your job anymore? My mother taught me how to make osechi.

Check if the phone is not unplugged. This was not supposed to happen. I was put off by the chilled wine that tasted of vinegar. Douglas waited downstairs as Terri got dressed. I live here now. What do you love? What don't you love?

Recently, there have been signs that the economy is picking up steam. What if there's a leak? Mikey showed all her friends her engagement ring. Lin always says no.

Between ourselves, I think he is rather stupid. And what love can do, that dares love attempt. That was very brave. Hazel suggested that we give it a try. He asked for my resignation. She is as simple as a child. It's an awfully big job.

He can't help his daughter being so foolish. Who is the person in charge? Ever feel like you're having deja vu? Shean has spiky hair. Everyone just started running. Stagger did a fantastic job today.

They like to get together and drink. What would Floria buy? William married her anyway. If I was you, I wouldn't do such a thing. They were spending so much time together.

You just have to adapt.

My uncle's car is faster than mine. Do you need a hand with your suitcases? It's my CD, isn't it? Please hold the line. Some of the girls laughed. Are Robert and Dana man and wife? Seymour and Carter argue with each other all the time. My grandfather's picture is on the wall. He seemed to like that.